Alexander Smith Sr

Alexander Smith Sr. settled in Warren County around 1829. He purchased an 11-acre parcel in Clearcreek Township just North of Ridgeville, Ohio.

Alexander Smith Jr. built his home on his parcel of land around 1845. He served 90 days in active duty towards the end of the Civil War in Washington D.C.

His home burned down around 1870 and he moved to Ridgeville and worked as a blacksmith at the Ridgeville Blacksmith Shop, which is still standing and is currently a repair shop. He died in Waynesville Rest Home around 1898.

The silver spoon is hallmarked. I have not been able to identify the hallmark. I would appreciate any assistance from anyone to help identify the maker.

One shield has an inverted heart with an attached loop. Both shields date back to pre-Civil War era, dating to around the 1830’s to 1850’s. They are presumed to be some kind of bridle decoration, although no one has been able to positively identify them. I could use help identifying these also.