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About Us

An object has to be found before it becomes history; only then can it tell its story. This is what inspired me for many years; you never know what Mother Earth has hidden for centuries, and the thrill of finding them.

In Search of History offers online resources for history enthusiasts. Our site is intended to be a place to share videos, pictures, articles, and resource information. If you want to share your historical discoveries, we welcome your submissions. We look to share information about colonial through Civil War period artifacts and relic collecting, Ohio Valley early settler history, and fossil and rock finds.

Our video channel explores some of the historical digs we’ve done, and we’d like to hear from you about yours. If you have a video channel surrounding historical ‘search and recovery’ please share it with us, and together, we hope to inspire others to do likewise. It has been said that the future belongs to those who have learned from the past, so let’s learn together.

Recent Historical Finds

Jerry found these artifacts on a colonial site in southwestern Ohio during 1995-2006. His research indicated that Alexander Smith owned this farm in 1830. His son, Alexander Smith, Jr., served in the Civil War on active duty for 90 days in Washington, DC.
He may have been part of a drum and bugle corps. The belt buckle is from the 1850s era. The decorative clips and ring have characteristics of the 1812 war era. There is also a pad lock, buttons, and musket balls.
If you have any information about the history of these finds, please email or call us!